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I’m concerned today as I see more and more Christian families choosing homeschool or private Christian school over public.

If we (Christians) are not in the public schools, who is being a witness to the unsaved students, teachers and staff? If we are not in the public schools, how are we being salt and light in them? (Matthew 5:13-16)

Years ago when an acquaintance told me they were enrolling their children in a private Christian school I replied that we loved the public school our children were attending and I was sure they would too if they gave it a chance. Her answer was, “Well, you’re stronger than me.”

Stronger? Am I? I didn’t think so then nor do now. I did trust that the Lord would bless us in choosing to be a light in our local school. We believed that he’d be with us every step of the way giving us wisdom as we dealt with whatever came our way.  And he did.

I don’t see single mother’s homeschooling or joining daytime women’s support groups while they struggle to pay the bills. I don’t see families at the poverty level (Christian or not) flocking to homeschool groups and women’s inspirational self-help seminars in the daytime. Do you? Homeschooling or private schooling are not an option for them. Who is being a witness to them if they are not present in the PTA’s, in teh bus lines, at the open houses and on the field trips?

It concerns me.





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