Starving Artist

It’s not easy being an artist. It is difficult to manage everything being a “creative”. I need to not only find inspiration to create art, but I need to source and purchase the supplies, then do it. That means having time and money. This coming out the chapter in my life where many think I have an excess of both. Though my children are grown and I don’t hold a traditional paying “job” any longer, I take my job of caring for our home, property and growing family seriously.

Contrary to everyone’s fantasy, money does not grow on trees. If it did, and many of you know how much I love gardening, I’d have an entire orchard full of those trees! With my husband and I both self-employed there are no employer provided health benefits, incentive packages, paid vacations, sick days, pension plans or 401K’s. Only with the tremendous support my husband has always given me am I able to pursue my creative desires. I am not a starving artist thanks to him and we are not rich according to society’s definition of the word, but our wealth is in investing our time, energy, resources and hearts into others as God has blessed us with His grace & mercy.

So today I finally grabbed a bit of time and posted all my paintings available for sale on my website. (Yes, another iteration of it!) One of these days I’ll sell enough to have a professional do my website and post my content as I send it to them! One of these days.

I have also posted all my paintings no longer available. I thought you might like to see that my body of work is growing, my technique is evolving and my interests are pretty consistent. That gallery includes ones I was commissioned to paint and were paid for, those that people saw via word of mouth or through a friend of a friend, and sold (!) and also the ones I have gifted to family and friends over the years.

I have yet to photograph a mass of pencil and watercolor sketches that are fun and energetic and matted, and for sale. I will get to that. Someday. Sooner than later I hope.

In the meantime, enjoy and spread the word! Christmas is coming and the container ships are still stuck in China last I heard.

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